Lead Generation

Betimesely Jan/ 6/ 2019 | 0

A real estate lead generation agency and coaching firm has decided to relaunch its lead generation program. Buffini & Company has announced that its advanced lead generation program, “The Blitz” will resume in January 2019. The real estate training and coaching firm is headquartered in North America and it has affirmed that its new product is the biggest coordinated lead-generation model in the global real estate world. Brian Buffini, the Founder and Chairman of the firm has affirmed that “The Blitz” provides the perfect balance between education and entertainment and provides systematic and action-packed productivity enhancement that will assist participants to make an additional $121,000 annually.

The Chairman of Buffini & Company observes that that is a new thing in the industry. “The Blitz” comprises three activity sprints including:


  • “Launch Your Year” a 75-day program that operates from Jan 14 to March 22.
  • “Summertime Surge” which commences in June and;
  • “Finish Strong” a 60-day program which commences in Oct.

The three are activity-centred lead programs that leverage natural energy lows and highs of the agent with tested real estate business rhythms to provide participants with a unique opportunity to fill their stream with a consistent referral flow. The firm targets more than 10,000 potential real estate agents to enrol for “The Blitz: Launch Your Year” that incorporates over ten weeks of robust video training programs.


The leading real estate specialists, Joe Niego and Brian Buffini will also provide users with real-world apps to each of the concepts shared every week. Apart from the video training, the participants will also have an opportunity to use “Blitz Central,” a reputed website which provides a robust guideline for tracking daily activities. The real estate giant projects that participants for “Launch Your Year” will generate 40% of their annual leads in 75 days and close an extra transaction every month; all while venturing in business more and working less.


You can visit the company’s website for more information. In the coming years, Buffini & Company will not only be a leading real estate training and coaching firm, but also a reputed lead generation agency. Lead generation agencies supply companies with hot leads for acquiring new clients and provide business owners with enough time for spending on other crucial tasks. Finding new customers and satisfying their needs is a tested strategy for business expansion. Buffini & Company remains committed to continuing providing real estate agents with powerful lead generations.


Lead generation has now been identified as one of the most effective methods of acquiring and expanding businesses. The lead generation program provided by the real estate giant will help agents save many hours spent at trade show tables. The generated leads are usually sent to the clients using modern technology and provide agents with ample time to spend in other crucial business ventures. As an upcoming lead generation agency, Buffini & Company is ready to assist agents in their business expansion strategies.