Betimesely Nov/ 10/ 2020 | 0

Since the pandemic began back in March 2020, businesses have been put under new unforeseeable challenges, the likes of which are unprecedented to the modern monetary eco-system.

One of these challenges has been to operate safely and complying with the UK government rule of keeping safe and reducing the ‘R-number’ down to manageable level in the UK.

Here’s some of our best tips for keeping your business pandemic-compliant:

Sneeze Screens / Protection Screens:

Protection screens (more recently dubbed ‘sneeze screens’) are durable, transparent office protective screens. The fact they are clear is great as it allows previously open planned offices to still have that open feel with the interaction aspects for a healthy social office environment but with the office protection screen, employees are safe from sneezes or coughing, basically any particles that may travel and infect other employees, ensuring your office space is safe, protected and employees illness isn’t as big a threat to your business, especially not during work hours.

The other benefit of purchasing social distancing products for your office is it ensures that if there was a routine or unannounced inspection, you are less likely to be shut down from trading or incurring a fine/penalty because you are clearly trying to comply with a safe office working environment following the legislation, with tangible evidence of you trying to do so.

Another great way to try and protect your staff is to introduce social distancing signage into your office to ensure that in communal areas that clear guidance on how far apart people should be standing is evident and clear.

If you wanted a more permanent method of protecting your office with social distancing products then another option could be to have social distancing line makers, which clearly define the social distance needed (2 metres apart). 

Keeping your workforce safe is a key priority for all UK-businesses in this ever changing dynamic as events start to unfold with the fallout and challenges that we are faced with during the current crisis and ensuring that you as a business-owner have done your utmost to adhere to this with social distancing products such as the office protection screens to protect your stakeholders is the best way to do this.