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Do you have a diesel vehicle? What is the most prominent service headache for your diesel car? Surely it will be DPF! It is the top priority of sensible vehicle to go for regular cleaning and maintenance of dpf. There have been improvements in diesel particulate filters and other related systems over the years. But it is still a concern to minimize the need for unnecessary maintenance.

 You can alleviate this worrying situation if you optimize your engine oil. Dpf cleaning and servicing need some expertise and skill. If you choose a reliable and professional dpf cleaning Merseyside service, it may reduce your worries because they may optimize your engine oil.

Dpf and engine oil

Do you understand the science behind the effect of engine oil on your vehicle dpf? Though there are some complicated terms involved in explanation, the particles that may get trapped in dpf may consist of combustible soot and incombustible metallic ashes. You can remove the carbon from dpf through regeneration, but ash is hard to remove because it does not burn away. Where from this ash comes! This incombustible ash comes from metallic additives in the engine lubricant. This ash continues to clog in the dpf, and it decreases the efficiency of your car engine. It reduces the fuel performance, and if you want to remove this ash, you need to take off the dpf from the vehicle, resulting in extended delays for the fleet.

If you choose the right engine oil, it lessens a lot of maintenance concerns. It is proved that the dpf maintenance interval and overall tuning depends on the amount of burnt fuel.

Choose the right engine oil.

You need to choose the oil that is compatible with API CJ-4 and FA-4 categories. Each of these categories was created with the existence of dpf consideration. The older types don’t need off this feature. The manufacturers of heavy-duty diesel vehicles recommend the oils with leer sulfated ash since 2007. The most of quality diesel engine oils are formulated to provide safety against ash build up and accumulating in dpf. Such oils offer amazing piston cleanliness and keep the piston rings free from clogging and minimize oil consumption. If the oil has not piston cleaning feature, it will be consumed excessively result in the accelerated ash build up. You may choose the oil that has these protection futures.