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The year 2018 has been an awesome year with regards to employment regulations. The outcomes concerning the abolition of the tribunal fees in employment has resulted to a big impact in an increasing scale. An example of a time where a situation like this has been felt, is whereby the employers acknowledge the fact that claimants have many reasons to follow on cases. In many organizations, the HR professionals are now venturing into the litigation activities whereby they set a culture of deciding and settling the court rules. Many employees in different organizations are now becoming afraid due to this litigation culture being brought about by the HR professionals.


This issue somehow has impacted on the HR consultancy services UK staff with regards to their ability to undertake planned risks and this does not necessarily imply that rules are being flaunted intentionally. This is to say that some complex undertakings like organizations, the best verdict only requires decision calls in conducting business. To some extent fearing to undertake risks is reasonable. Nevertheless, the HR professionals require to have incomparable level of knowledge in order to understand well the intensity of the involved risks.


In order to comprehend this situation very well, take an example in the field of employment law, say that a difficult job status arguments have rolled on and as a result we await to listen to a situation whereby an individual who is an employee of the company and he or she is not self-hired will have an impact in a holiday pay which is back dated. This situation falls among the greatest examples which illustrates that, cases contain facts which are specific in nature and they majorly depend on how different people interpret them. This is a different case when it comes to the HR professionals as trying to comprehend every case brought in their tables is very tiresome and can distract them from conducting their main work activities.


HR professionals can help an organization in litigation activities but their work should only to be limited to a proactive standpoint to their job relations. This means that they should not act like lawyers in their organizations and reduce the instances of turning themselves the headlines in HR.


To add on the above, HR professionals should seek the help of the lawyers on solving issues but this does not imply that they should do so on daily basis or with issues that they are able to solve. This is due to the fact that seeking daily activities of the lawyers is very costly and may end up limiting communications needed to solve complex issues. By doing this the HR professionals will acquire legal protection through seeking services of the lawyers, get knowledge on litigation and acquire skills of handling situations without being emotional.


As we approach to 2019, it is crucial for the HR professionals to remain as the reinforcements of ER, offer direction in lawmaking activities in order to aid in understanding significant areas. HR professionals should  employ many more useful means that will facilitate workplace learning and offer them with enough skills in times where crisis are minimal. In general, there is no need for the HR professionals to behave like they are turning into job lawyers while there exist real employment lawyers.