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What will you do, if you need a repair of your home appliance? Will you turn to your home insurer, manufacturer or warranty provider, or a replacement? It is a fact that modern homes com with high tech appliances and gadgets. You buy a smart fridge and washing machine for thousands of dollars. But you understand that they may not be performing forever. These appliances may stop functioning or become out of order.

So far as protection and safety of appliances are concerned, as a homeowner, you need t make a decision. Whether you need to buy appliance insurance or home insurance that may provide coverage in case your appliance needs a repair or replacement.


Your appliances have a general life cycle. After the period, you need a repair or replacement of products you use in your home. Some manufacturers provide a warranty for a certain period, and they cover the damage in that period. Different warranty periods are one year in common cases for some products the companies offer warranty up to five years buy it is scarce. In some instances, you m buy an extended warranty by paying extra costs. These extended warranties often have some restrictions. They may not provide you some repairs.

It is not the manufacturer that may offer you a cover for appliances. There are some other routes for you. You may find a service that may replace some essential devices and systems in our home. You may buy appliance insurance. These warranties come with annual renewable contras. If a plan costs you more, it will offer better cover. You may pay a nominal service fee for repair. There are some exclusion and imitations on home warranties that make the procedure complicated.

Some reports call extended warranties a waste of money, but it is a fact that they have benefits for consumers. If we consider the expenditure on replacement and repair, it may not be an expensive deal.

Appliance insurance cover

According to terms of homeowner insurance policies, your appliances are taken as your personal property. If your instrument gets damaged due to peril or disaster, it will provide cover. But if the devices are damaged due to poor maintenance or expiry, you need to replace or repair it on your own. They may not offer you a cover.

Equipment breakdown cover

Some companies offer you equipment breakdown cover. It may provide you protection against perils. It covers the features that are not included in homeowner policies.